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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tips for a Tidy Office

The surroundings in your workplace can sometimes put a damper on your workday. Bland cubicle spaces, white walls, barren desks and unattractive workplace clutter are often blindly accepted as the conditions that come with the territory. Of course, it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, unappealing, uninspiring surroundings can actually have a negative impact on your work performance.

Job satisfaction is important to productivity, and the surroundings in your office can play a big part in that. While you don't want to sink a ton of money into upgrading your workspace, there are some simple changes that can help you enjoy yourself more at work – even if you aren't conscious of those benefits. Read on for some quick tips to help you revitalize your office.

Opt For an Eye-Appealing Color Palette
A gray cubicle doesn't do much to inspire productivity. At the same time, a rainbow-colored work space can be distracting. You want to fill your office with colors without overdoing it and creating unnecessary clutter. Commit to putting together a color palette of no more than three colors, and make sure those colors work well together.

Choose the Correct Light Fixtures
Many offices are equipped with fluorescent light bulbs that can be a little uninspiring, or harsh lighting that causes eye strain. If you have control over your lighting fixtures, try to choose lighting that will create a warmer environment. You can also complement existing lighting by incorporating a desk lamp or accent lighting elsewhere in your office. A desk lamp can also provide extra illumination in your workspace, easing the strain on your eyes and making work less stressful.

Simplify Your Desktop
Clutter can be frustrating. Don't let notes, letters, pens and other junk proliferate on your desk space. Condense all of your professional belongings and use organizers to store essential items in an orderly fashion. An open desk space will make it easier to think without distraction and work comfortably, and you'll also have an easier time locating items if you have a solid organizational system.

Tame Unruly Cords
With all the various office items you might have at your disposal – computers, routers, printers, phones, faxes and so on – the mass of cords and cables needed to keep these devices running can create a mess of wires.  If you've tripped or snagged your chair on any of these cords, you understand how much of an inconvenience they can be. The best way to eliminate this hazard is to use cable raceways to contain them. This raceway will keep cords out of sight and make your workspace seem more organized.

In just a few simple steps, you can bring your office much closer to becoming an efficient space that encourages productivity. Consider the time spent redecorating as an investment in your job and career. When you spend a lot of time at your desk, you want it to be a place that’s comfortable, with lighting that doesn’t create much eye strain. You’ll find that the right environment can increase your ability to focus on the task at hand.