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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dreaming of Summer

Summer is just something like the corner or is this wishful opinion on my part? At this moment in time of year my feelings turn to thinking of summer and dreaming the warmness as well as delightful time to relax outside. So my mind was technically irritated when I saw these good-looking pieces of furniture. I constantly look for a theme at what time I am fascinated by images, as well as these pieces has covered over them, thus removing the need for a sun umbrella. I like the piece of information in design that 'form follows function' also specially at what time function can be made naturally good-looking. In additional words these loungers are independent as well as functionally incorporated escapes from the sun.

I can presently visualize sitting in the warmness in these wonderfully planned as well as functionally-integrated part of a sets of furniture.

What about you? Are you dreaming regarding summer?